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Liquid nitrogen tank storage requirements
First, the placement of liquid nitrogen tank Liquid nitrogen tank to be stored in a well-ventilated shade, do not direct sunlight in the sun. Because of its manufacturing precision and its inherent cha... [2017-08-18 09:08:50 ]
Safety precautions for liquid nitrogen tanks
First, before use check Liquid nitrogen tank before filling liquid nitrogen, first of all to check whether the shell depression, vacuum exhaust is good. If the damage is broken, the vacuum will be redu... [2017-08-16 08:50:44 ]
How cold is liquid nitrogen?
At normal atmospheric pressure, nitrogen is present in liquid form at temperatures between -210 C and -196 C, equal to -346 F and -320.44 F. Below -210 C, nitrogen is frozen and becomes solid. Above 19... [2017-08-04 11:03:06 ]
Low cost YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tanks
Low cost YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tanks are light weight and light weight. Short storage for a small amount of product is very good, storing a small amount of liquid nitrogen is also good because its smal... [2017-08-03 10:31:50 ]
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