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Notes for liquid nitrogen gun
After treatment with liquid nitrogen gun , the wound surface should be kept clean and dry, and water should not be dipped in a week to prevent infection. Stimulant food (such as smoke, wine, chili pepp... [2019-09-23 09:11:55 ]
Main Application of Panchao Liquid Nitrogen Tank
1. Active preservation of animal semen. At present, it is mainly used for semen preservation and long-distance transportation of cattle, sheep and other fine breeds of male animals, as well as precious... [2019-09-21 09:22:28 ]
How to Choose Liquid Nitrogen Tank in Laboratory
Many laboratory users need to use liquid nitrogen tanks when doing experiments, but when buying liquid nitrogen tanks, they do not know what type to buy, which is suitable for storing their own experim... [2019-09-20 10:15:14 ]
Reasons for High Pressure Caused by Liquid Nitrogen Tank
If the gas is trapped in a liquid nitrogen tank , it will cause high pressure, that is to say, your equipment becomes a bomb! Plugs and plugs become projectiles. Resolvent: 1) Ensure that all vents are... [2019-09-19 09:16:16 ]
What is a liquid nitrogen tank for?
Liquid nitrogen tanks can be generally divided into storage tanks and transport tanks. Storage tanks are specially designed for indoor static storage. Transportation tanks are specially designed to mee... [2019-09-18 09:55:22 ]
How to judge the quality of small liquid nitrogen tank (buyer's notice)
Before purchasing, we need to consider not only the price, but also the heat preservation, daily evaporation, vacuum degree of the pot. These points are related to the later use. If this kind of phenom... [2019-09-17 09:28:54 ]
What is the function of the lock cover of liquid nitrogen tank?
The lock cover of liquid nitrogen tank is mainly designed to protect the safety of storage samples, lock the container, and not allow others to open it casually, which plays a role in protecting sample... [2019-09-16 09:14:10 ]
Can liquid nitrogen frozen food be eaten?
Liquid nitrogen is inert, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable and extremely low temperature. Nitrogen makes up most of the atmosphere (78.03% by volume and 75.5% by weight). Nitrogen is i... [2019-09-12 09:48:23 ]
What is the difference between liquid nitrogen tanks and ordinary tanks?
Liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen, first of all, it needs internal pressurization equipment to make nitrogen liquid; in addition, because of the pressurization equipment, the internal pressure will be... [2019-09-11 08:54:07 ]
Points for attention in resuscitation of frozen cells
1. The slower the freezing, the better the recovery. The slower the cell freezes, the better, the more time it needs before freezing; the faster the recovery is, the better. After removal from the liqu... [2019-09-10 08:59:39 ]
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