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Safety of liquid nitrogen operation and storage

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Safety of liquid nitrogen operation and storage
Keep in mind: Wear anti-freezing measures and touch pipes and liquid nitrogen containers containing liquid nitrogen.
Because of the low temperature of the metal surface, the human skin will stick to its surface, causing damage.
A. Operators must be trained in the nature and safety of liquid nitrogen or its accessories before they are allowed to use it. When operating cylinders, liquid nitrogen protective gloves and protective screen are recommended.
B. Storage and use of liquid nitrogen should be fully ventilated. Cryogenic vessels should be equipped with pressure relief devices to control internal pressure. Normally these containers discharge the product at regular intervals. It is forbidden to pull, move or block any pressure relief device.
C. It is forbidden for the body to contact non-insulated pipes or equipment equipped with cryogenic products without any protection.
D. The container should be in a vertical position during operation and storage. No dragging, rotating or sliding containers.
E. All valves in the inspection system shall be fully functional and maintained by the supplier's professional maintenance personnel.
F. Note the following:
1. Use correct connectors and nozzles. 
2. Use suitable material for nozzle. 
3. Establish correct pressure to meet safety requirements. 
4. Confirm the valve and open it slowly. 
5. To confirm the flow of medium through frosting of pipeline, pressure or flow rate of service point. 
6. Check whether there is leakage in each part and whether the pressure is normal and stable. 
7. It is strictly forbidden to remove frost from the cervical canal with hard objects in order to avoid damaging the cervical canal.
G. In the course of using, it is necessary to check whether there is air leakage at each connection of Dewar cylinder. It is normal to frost a little during using.
H. Maintenance is carried out by professional maintenance personnel of suppliers.
cryogenic products,panchao liquid niteogen contaimer
Other additions:
A. The container must be moved by a suitable trolley. When handling or storing the container, the panchao liquid nitrogen container should be kept upright and not pulled, kicked or rolled. If the user has difficulty in operating container valves or connections, stop using and contact the supplier. Use appropriate connection device, prohibit unauthorized use of connectors.
B. Pipeline and equipment design must fully meet the needs of pressure. One-way valves or other protective devices must be used in pipes drawn from containers to prevent liquid nitrogen backflow. In order to prevent the residual cryogenic liquid in the pipeline between valves, relief devices should be installed between the two globe valves in the pipeline. Transport pipelines can only use special pipelines for low temperature transportation.
Special precautions: Some metals, such as carbon steel, are extremely brittle and fragile at low temperatures.

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