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Application of liquid nitrogen freezing in dermatology clinic

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Liquid nitrogen is a colorless and odorless liquid, non-flammable and explosive, boiling point is minus 196 degrees Celsius, commonly used as refrigerant in dermatology.
Action Principle: Liquid nitrogen freezing is by using function of liquid nitrogen cooling to make water of skin lesions within and outside become crystal, the cells get into the dehydration state, so that the original electrolyte concentration, pH imbalance become unbalanced and play a destructive role on the cell membrane lipoprotein complexes, cell nutrition disorders, then diseased tissue in necrosis condition .
Application: Under normal circumstances of the routine, hemangioma, acute wet skin and other skin diseases all will use liquid nitrogen freezing treatment, and can make patients get good results.
Methods: If the patient's skin lesions relatively flat and the edge in the rule state, you can use liquid nitrogen cotton swab dipped point, can also select freezer head for this type of patients. if the patient's lesions are relatively thick, the distribution area is relatively large , You can use the method of spray freezing.  At the same time of treatment, the normal skin of patient should be given effective protective measures. The treatment should be 3 - 5 times, each interval 2 - 3 weeks. After surgery, correspond with drug treatment.
Evaluation: use 4 levels heal, markedly effective, improved, ineffective to evaluate results obtained by patients Zuo Yu: skin lesions were all or almost subsided, dry knot off pain itchy discomfort disappeared wet effect: 60% , Pain itchy discomfort significantly reduced. 30 to 60% improved skin lesions dry knot, pain, itching and discomfort lighter than before. Ineffective: less than 30% of the skin lesions dry knot pain, itching, discomfort, relieve not obvious.
Conclusion: This treatment does not leave or seldom leave scars with the patient, in line with the patient's cosmetic needs. In addition, most patients can be treated in an clinic without serious adverse effects after treatment. However, when using this treatment method, it is easy to make patients feel some pain, etc. the patients may feel fear of treatment, have an impact on smooth progress of the treatment and good treatment effect , thus ,in the treatment of the entire process we should pay attention to nursing. 


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