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Operation and Maintenance of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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1. In the process of using, the tank body should be checked at any time every day, and water droplets and frost on the top or top of the bottle cap are found, indicating that the quality of the tank body is not good, it should be stopped immediately; in the absence of water droplets or frost phenomenon in the tank body, touch the shell by hand, if the upper part is cold and the lower part is hot, it means that the daily increase of liquid nitrogen is greater, and the tank body should be stopped immediately. There are certain quality problems, we should pay attention to observation, prevent liquid nitrogen consumption, it is best to stop using; in the daily use process, we should refer to the relevant pressure vessel safety technical monitoring regulations, regular inspection and verification of liquid nitrogen tanks and safety facilities instrumentation accessories, to ensure their safety and integrity.
2. Check the safety instruments and accessories carefully before use. Only when the instruments and accessories are in good condition, can the required pressure and capacity be mastered and adjusted. If frost is found on the outside of the tank, stop using immediately, and inspect, test and repair in time.
3. Before filling liquid nitrogen storage tank, first check whether the shell is depressed and the vacuum exhaust outlet is intact; if it is damaged, the vacuum will be low, and when it is serious, the intake can not keep warm, so that the upper part of the tank will frost, the loss of liquid nitrogen will be large, and then lose the value of use; when filling liquid nitrogen, pay attention not to pouring liquid nitrogen into the tank. Vacuum exhaust port, otherwise, will cause the vacuum degree to drop; at the same time, before filling liquid nitrogen, a small amount of liquid nitrogen is injected into the tank to pre-cool.
4. The liquid nitrogen container should be stored in a well-ventilated and cool place. It is forbidden to expose to the sun. Because of its precise manufacturing and inherent characteristics, whether in use or storage, the liquid nitrogen tank should be rigorously tilted, placed horizontally, stacked, impacted with each other or collided with other objects, and the tank should always be upright.
5. For long-term storage, it is necessary to supplement liquid nitrogen regularly. In general, the residual liquid nitrogen should be one third of the total capacity.
6. When putting or taking out frozen articles, we should reduce the opening time as much as possible, reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, and do not expose liquid nitrogen completely.
7. Strictly place objects on the cover of liquid nitrogen container and seal the neck.
8. Rigorously remove frost from the cervical canal with hard objects to avoid damaging the cervical canal.
9. Liquid nitrogen storage tanks are only used to hold liquid nitrogen and are not allowed to hold other liquids or mix with other liquids.
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