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Attention should be paid to these details in the use of liquid nitrogen tanks

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1. Liquid nitrogen containers are designed for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen. It is strictly prohibited to hold other liquids. The storage liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for the static storage of liquid nitrogen indoors and frozen articles, which can not be transported. Transport liquid nitrogen tank has a special shock-proof design. The container can not only be stationary storage, but also be transported under the condition of filling liquid nitrogen, but collision and violent vibration should be avoided in use.
2. If liquid nitrogen is added to containers indoors, attention should be paid to opening doors and windows to prevent anoxia during evaporation of liquid nitrogen.
3. New liquid nitrogen tanks or thawed and rewarmed liquid nitrogen tanks must be pre-cooled with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before use, and then filled with liquid nitrogen after pre-cooling. When filling liquid nitrogen, it is better to use a pump or a long pipe funnel, whose filling pipe should be inserted close to the bottom of the container, and there must be a gap in the middle of the container. The height of the liquid level injected into the container should not exceed that of the lower end of the neck tube. In order to avoid frostbite, contact between human body and liquid nitrogen should be avoided.
4. Two to three hours after the initial freezing, it is suggested to observe regularly whether there is condensate or frost on the outer surface of the liquid nitrogen container. If these two conditions occur, it indicates that the vacuum of the container has deteriorated, which will lead to the volatilization of liquid nitrogen in the container in a very short time, and the container will not be in normal use. Although the probability of this phenomenon is very small, it may be due to the failure to load, unload and transport according to the product requirements, but in order to avoid the loss of frozen goods, this observation is necessary.
5. The inner liner of the container is working under normal pressure. It is not allowed to use the method of inflating and pressurizing or sealing the opening of the container at will. The neck canal is the passage of liquid nitrogen and frozen goods in and out. Do not scratch the wall of the canal when using. Vacuum sealing joint of container is the key component to keep the vacuum of container sandwich. Once damaged, it will immediately lead to the deterioration of the vacuum of container sandwich and the product can not continue to use. Therefore, users should not open the vacuum sealing joint of container without authorization.
6. To check the storage of liquid nitrogen in panchao liquid nitrogen container, weighing method can be used, and the method of inserting thin wood and bamboo pole into liquid nitrogen according to its frost height (liquid level height) can also be used. Hollow tube should not be inserted to avoid spattering of noodles from the tube. When handling and removing frozen articles, please take care to handle them lightly.
7. If the container needs to be cleaned, wash it with neutral detergent first, and then rinse it with warm water not higher than 50 degrees Celsius. After washing, the inner liner should be dried (preferably by hot air, the temperature is not higher than 50 C) and cooled to room temperature, then filled with liquid nitrogen.
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