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Safety precautions for liquid nitrogen tanks

Editor:adminClick: Time:2017-08-16 08:50
  First, before use check
  Liquid nitrogen tank before filling liquid nitrogen, first of all to check whether the shell depression, vacuum exhaust is good. If the damage is broken, the vacuum will be reduced, serious intake can not be warm, so that the top of the tank will be frost, liquid nitrogen loss, lost the value of continued use. Second, check the inside of the tank, if there is foreign body, must be removed to prevent corrosion of the liner.
  Second, liquid nitrogen filling
  Be careful when filling liquid nitrogen. For the new tank or in a dry state of the tank must be slowly filled and pre-cooling, to prevent too much damage to the liner, reduce the useful life. When filling liquid nitrogen, do not pour liquid nitrogen on the vacuum exhaust port, so as to avoid the vacuum drop. Gasser is made of insulating material, both to prevent liquid nitrogen evaporation, but also play a fixed role in the barrel, so the switch to minimize wear to extend the service life.
  Third, the use of the process of inspection
  Use the process to always check the liquid nitrogen tank. You can use eye observation can also touch the shell by hand, if the appearance of hanging cream, should stop using; especially the neck wall with frost when the ice should not use a knife to scratch, to prevent damage to the inner wall of the neck, resulting in poor vacuum, and It is necessary to remove the liquid nitrogen, let it melt naturally.
  Fourth, the liquid nitrogen tank placed
  Liquid nitrogen tank to be stored in a well-ventilated shade, do not direct sunlight in the sun. Because of its manufacturing precision and its inherent characteristics, both in the use or storage, liquid nitrogen tank are not allowed to tilt, horizontal, inverted, stacking, collision or collision with other objects, to do light and always keep upright.
  5, liquid nitrogen tank cleaning
  Liquid nitrogen tank idle when not in use, rinse with water, the water row net, blown with a blower, placed at room temperature stand-by. Liquid nitrogen tank liquid nitrogen volatilization, the remaining missing substances (such as frozen sperm) quickly melted into liquid substances attached to the liner, the aluminum alloy will cause corrosion of the liner, if the formation of empty, liquid The nitrogen tank will be scrapped, so liquid nitrogen tank liquid nitrogen depleted after the brush is very necessary. Specific brushing method is as follows: First, remove the liquid nitrogen tank barrel, liquid nitrogen removed, placed 2-3 days, to the tank temperature rose to 0 ℃ or so, and then down about 30 ℃ warm water, scrub with a cloth. If you find that individual melted substances stick to the bottom of the liner, be sure to carefully wash clean. And then rinse with water several times, then inverted liquid nitrogen cans, on the indoor safety should not be turned over, naturally dry, or as mentioned above with a blower air-dried. Note that the entire scrub process, the action should be slow, pour the water temperature can not exceed 40 ℃, the total weight should not exceed 2kg is appropriate.
  Six, liquid nitrogen tank safe transport
  Liquid nitrogen tank in the transport process must be installed in the wooden mat mattress, and fixed. Between the tank and the tank to be separated with the filler, to prevent bumps, to prevent dumping. Loading and unloading vehicles to prevent liquid nitrogen tank hit, but can not drag on the ground at random, so as to avoid the life of liquid nitrogen tank.
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